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Top 5 reasons the modern dog can benefit from apparel

The dog has naturally inherited from the wolf the need to actively move outside, regardless of the season. The ultimate purpose of dog clothes is to improve a dog's quality of life, enable an active lifestyle, and to make sure that the dog is safe and comfortable in every season. Knowing that, it is easier to understand a dog's species-specific need to go outside and its need for apparel.

Here are our top 5 reasons your dog may benefit from apparel:

1. Protection - Namely from frost, rain, mud, sand, and sun. Dog clothes can protect your pet in a variety of weather conditions, depending on the dog's size, coat quality, and cold tolerance:  

- Frost protection for puppies, small breeds, and those without an undercoat  

- Wind, rain, and mud protection for long-hair and soft-fur breeds  

- Extreme-heat protection for active movers and breeds with thick fur  

2. Safety - Dog apparel increases safety, especially when active in a busy urban environment, thanks to colorful, reflective dog vests, jackets, and overalls that help a dog be seen even in the dark.  

3. Health - An active life runs more smoothly with the right dog apparel and gear. Dog clothing can keep the dog warm or cool during activities or before and after performances. Extra warming promotes muscle recovery and can also ease an ageing dog's aches and pains.  

4. Convenience - Caring for your dog's fur becomes easier, as does caring for your home and car, when you protect your dog with the right apparel. Your dog's skin and coat will remain cleaner, and you will not have to bathe him or her as often.  

5. Style - Last but not least, dressing up your dog is also a great way to show off its unique personality.

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