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Roadtripping with a dog

Our dogs are often like family, so it’s natural to want to bring them with us when we go on vacation! To set you up for success when traveling with your dog, here are a few tips to remember.

Check the weather forecast for your destination

Be prepared! If it’s supposed to rain, make sure to pack a raincoat for them (and extra towels!). If it’s cold, pack a coat or sweater. If it’s hot, consider bringing along a cooling vest. Nothing is worse than being unprepared for extreme weather.

Pre-portion out their food and medication

You definitely don’t want to run out of food on your trip! Measure out the food needed for your trip, plus a few extra days’ worth in case of unexpected delays, or if you’re planning on doing a lot of activities like hiking where they’re burning more calories than usual. If your dog needs supplements or medication, make sure to bring those along too, and to order refills well in advance of your travel date.

Road trip ready!

If you’re driving with your furry friend, consider a crash-tested car harness or car crate. These are the safest options to prevent injury in case of sudden stops or car accidents. They also keep them from moving around the car, which can be a distraction to the driver. Car bench covers are also handy to keep dirty paws from staining your seats.

Dog friendly digs

It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to make sure that your final destination is pet-friendly! Whether it’s a hotel or short-term rental, many properties have fees and rules about hosting pets. Some don’t allow dogs to be left in rooms unsupervised, or others will allow dogs to be left alone if they are crated. If you’re planning on doing any activities without your dog, it will be helpful to know these guidelines.

During your trip

The day you leave, it’s ideal to exercise your dog before leaving if you have time. This can help them get some energy out and settle down on the trip. And don’t forget that dogs need breaks to go to the bathroom and stretch their legs just as much as we do! Depending on how long your trip is, make sure to factor in breaks.

Be respectful at your destination – follow posted signs such as leash laws or non-pet-friendly areas. This ensures other travelers can have a good time, too!

The memories we form with our dogs on these trips can be some of our most treasured. Traveling can be stressful (with or without our dogs) – hopefully these tips help you spend more time enjoying new experiences and less time stressing out. Bon voyage!

A starter packing list:

  • Leash and collar/harness with clear identification and necessary vaccine tags

  • Food (plus 1-2 day’s worth of extra servings)

  • Bowls for food and water

  • Familiar toys

  • Treats

  • Poop bags (more than you think you need!)

  • Sleeping mat/bed

  • Car harness or crate

  • Raincoat (pending weather)

  • Jacket (pending weather)

  • Cooling vest (pending weather)

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