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The longer you love our products the better it is for the planet.


The life of a product has a direct impact on the environment. Our goal is to design products that are a joy to wear and durable enough to last for many adventures. The better we design our products, and the more we rely on environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes to make them, the better the chances of you loving the product and using it for a long time. That's much better for the planet than making low-quality products that only end up in the trash bin.


We can each influence the life cycle of a Hurtta product, and most other products, by properly maintaining it, repairing wear and tear when possible, handing down the garment to other dogs when possible, and finally sorting the product properly at the end of its life.

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Our planet is a unique playground where dogs and dog owners can enjoy nearly endless adventures. Hurtta products are designed and built to withstand heavy, repeated use. Technical, breathable materials work best when they are clean. If you keep your dog's favorite apparel and gear in good condition, it will perform better and last longer.

Hurtta dog apparel and gear is designed to help dogs stay comfortable and protected in any weather. And that includes all dogs thanks to Hurtta’s proprietary sizing system which is based on the measurement data of more than 4,000 dogs across hundreds of breeds. Big or small. Short hair or long. Active or not so much. Hurtta can help you find a comfortable fit for your furry friend.

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Hurtta products are designed with the environment in mind. They are also built tough for long-lasting use and enjoyment. The goal is to think long-term for the sake of dogs, people, and the plant. And to encourage Care, including maintenance and repair, Reuse, by handing down products to other dogs, and Recycling to properly dispose of products at the end of their life.

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Hurtta products are built tough to last for many adventures. If your dog outgrows a product, we encourage you to pass it on to another dog. Or try to find some other creative use for it or its materials, such as a craft project. The more use and fun you get out of a Hurtta product, the better its impact on the environment.