Here's some helpful information regarding comfort, care, measuring your dog and product comparisons. 


Care Instructions


All Hurtta outfits and equipment are washable. When kept well, they will endure regular use for several years. Recommended washing guidelines are included in the care instructions for each garment. Always follow the care recommendations given. Washing the garment at the wrong temperature, fast spinning or tumble-drying may harm the taping of the seams or other details of the garment. Avoid using fabric conditioners, as they impair the water-resistance of the Houndtex® coating.

Dog garments are recommended to be washed inside out using mild and allergy-friendly detergents.


All Hurtta Houndtex® products are water- and dirt-resistant. Over time, heavy wear and washing may weaken the products’ water-resistance, which is easy to restore with protective agents sold in sporting goods stores.


Outerwear Comparison Chart
Compare the differences between Hurtta's full line of dog coats to see what best fits your dogs needs. 



3. Chest measurement is taken from the widest part of the dog’s chest behind the forelegs. In order that the overalls have sufficient room for movement, the chest measurement of the overalls must be at least 2 in(5 cm) larger in small size classes and at least 4-8 in (10–20 cm) larger in large size classes. Breeds with long and thick fur need more room for the chest than dogs with short fur.


4. Waistline is taken from the narrowest section of the dog’s stomach in front of the hind legs. Always in front of the sex organs of a male dog, however. Together with the chest measurement, also the waist measurement can be several centimetres larger than the dog’s waist measurement. The waist of the Hurtta outdoor recreation overalls can be adjusted with a rubber band according to the size of each dog. The adjustability is important especially to male dogs and breeds with a narrow waist.


5. Front leg inner length is measured from the bottom of the chest along the inside of the leg to the wrist bone. The front leg should be shorter than the inside length of the dog’s leg. So that the dog can safely run and play while wearing the overalls, the front legs should at most reach the dog’s wrist. The length is correct when the front leg reaches the dog’s forearm.


6. Length of the hind leg is measured between the hind legs along the inside of the leg to the hock. The length is correct when the hind leg reaches the dog’s hock.


Note! If the overalls are acquired to protect the fur of a longhaired dog, the legs can be longer than listed above. However, the overalls should in this case be used only when the dog is monitored by the owners.


1. Back length is measured from the withers to the base of the tail while the dog stands in the normal position (not from the collar). When measuring the back length, be very careful as depending on the dog’s position, the dimensions may vary by several centimeters. 


2. Neckline measurement is taken from the widest part of the dog’s neck, i.e. from the base of the neck. The neckline of the overalls may be several centimeters larger than the neck measurement, as the neckline of the overalls can be adjusted smaller.

Measuring your Dog




The revamping of the Hurtta collection has brought improved material properties. Thanks to persistent product development efforts, Hurtta’s Houndtex laminated outdoor fabrics is even smoother, softer and quieter in use than before. This significantly improves the comfort of use of rainwear and thermal garments, especially for small dogs and dogs unaccustomed to wearing garments.
The dirt- and waterproofness and breathability of Houndtex® laminated outdoor fabrics match those of high-quality outdoor outfits designed for people. The materials approved for use in the Hurtta Outdoors collection were developed for especially demanding conditions and heavy wear, making them perfect for outdoor canine activities.


Hurtta’s proprietary Houndtex® is a wear resistant, breathable, water and wind resistant material.




Before any Hurtta product is ready to launch, it has gone through hundreds of hours of testing and fitting by its designer.  The rough behavior that is characteristic of dogs is a challenge to the durability and functionality of materials and structures. In order to guarantee the high quality of its products, Hurtta commissions testing of the suitability of each and every material for dog clothing by a non-partial textile laboratory.  Please contact your HURTTA retailer or ACK - digPETS at info@ackuniversal.com for all warranty information. 


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