• Tough water-repellent bottom and sides for lasting durability 

  • Heat reflective foil reflects body heat without adding bulk

  • Overlapping opening to fully seal in warmth while dog is sleeping

  • Lightweight, backpacker-friendly construction 

Outback Dreamer &

Dreamer ECO


Color: Orange, ECO Hedge

Size: Small, Medium, Large 



The Hurtta Outback Dreamer Sleeping Bag has been designed to support the dog’s natural sleeping position, allowing your dog to curl up easily in the warmth of the sleeping bag. The foil inside the lining reflects the dog’s body heat and gives the sleeping bag significant warmth. Made from water-repellent and durable Houndtex textile, the sleeping bag features a warm wadding between the outer layer and the lining. The well-insulated sleeping bag also provides an ideal sleeping mat.


Expert Reviews

image (8).png

 "I was super impressed with the Outback Dreamer’s durability throughout the trip. It held up remarkably well to a variety of surfaces, including mud and rocks. There are no rips, tears, or stretched material even after ~2 months of everyday use. Once we got home and washed the bag, it looked practically new again. Even with her long coat, we often encountered temperatures in the teens and this bag kept Luna toasty warm and able to sleep soundly."                      

                                    BABY GOT BACKWOODS

 "While the bag doesn’t have as much filling as other bags we’ve tried, the uniqueness of the heat reflective foil means that it is just as warm as its competitors.  We tested the warmth in a controlled environment – on a mild day we left the heat off in our house and let it get down to moderate 10C/50F.  Since our pup loves sleeping bags we asked her to climb in and sleep for 10 minutes.  At the end of the 10 minutes we coaxed her out and checked both her body temperature and the interior temperature of the bag.  Both her body and the bag were noticeably warmer than when we ran this same test on our previous more lofty sleeping bags.  Additionally, the interior of the Hurtta bag retained the warmth longer than the competitors we tested it against."    




Dogs That Hike

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 "I couldn’t be happier with the design of the Outback Dreamer, the round shape is the perfect natural sleeping position for dogs and the fact that there were no zippers also made me happy!"                      

                                          Dusty Desert Dogs

 "Because of the heat-reflecting inside layer, the wadding doesn’t need to be bulky and heavy like most of the Outback Dreamer’s competitors!"                      

                                        LIFE WITH MUTTS


Small, 20" diameter, .5 lb 

(ex: Jack Russell, Boston Terrier, Miniature Pincher)

Medium, 28" diameter, 1 lb 

(ex: Beagle, Cocker Spaniel, Spanish Water Dog)

Large, 35" diameter, 1.5 lb 

(ex: Labrador Retriever, German Pointer, Collie)