hurtta outdoor gear for dogs. Dog boots for walking and hiking on rugged surfaces or tough weather conditions. velcro closure, great grip, weatherproof Houndtex with 3M reflectors

Outback Boots


Color:  Granite


Size: S-XXL


Best Practice: If you cant put the back of your hand on the ground/pavement for 5 seconds then its too hot for your dog and you will need boots.

The weatheproof Outback boots protect your dog's paws in difficult conditions and challenging outdoor activities. The boots are easy and quick to put on and stay firm on the paws thanks to the flexible velcro fastening mechanism. The flexible Softshell material, ergonomic design and pliable rubber soles make the boots comfortable and unobtrusive to wear.

  • Non-slip rubber soles

  • Weatherproof Houndtex

  • Comfortable to wear

  • 3M reflectors

Sold in pairs of 2 in order to accommodate dogs that need different sizes front and back, or if you need to replace one boot, you don't have to buy a set of 4. Measure the width of your dogs paw. 




"These boots are perfect for snow, especially for mixed terrain: grip for slippery spots, durability for trails, and wrappable uppers to seal out deep snow. They’re weatherproof and lightly insulated; Robin’s feet were 100% dry when I took them off."


"Atlas has tested these boots out on several hikes around town and up into the Alberta Rocky Mountains. He has run around in deep snow, medium snow, ice, grass, across tree trunks, and on giant boulders with these booties on and they have held up beautifully! There is virtually no wear on these yet and I am incredibly impressed. The quality of these boots has outshined all other brands that I have tried"

Dogs That Hike

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"We love them so much that we wear the Outbacks in 3 seasons – in rain and snow, in the city, and on rocky and uneven trails"


"The boots are made of soft shell material that makes them really smooth and lightweight, as all Hurttas products they have good reflectors. The boots has a rubber sole for extra protection. The boots are easy to put on and stays on during walks in different terrains."

"Working with a dog as your partner, you make sure his feet are protected in unfavorable conditions, and that is just what the Hurtta outback boots do. These boots have proven to be extremely useful".

- Handler of "Chase" Police K9