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Life Savior


Color: Orange


Size: 0-160lb


The Life Savior, a new generation streamlined life jacket for dogs, is ideal for swimming, water rescue, rehabilitation, boating and hunting. The special design of the floats make the vest very light and ensure a comfortable fit. The light design of the vest ensure free movement for your dog in water and on land.


• floats with a special design
• extremely light
• adjustable straps ensure a comfortable fit
• a sturdy handle
• name tag

Life Savior_Size_22.jpg

Product Reviews

The Hurtta Life Savior is $85.00 but priceless for your dog’s safety !!!


Read the full review and see the Hurtta Life Savior in action at

"The most flexible and comfortable life jacket we've tried (and we've tried four others)! When he jumps off my paddle board, it's obvious in video that his head doesn't even go underwater. The athletic, minimal cut is still more than buoyant enough and the color is perfect for visibility. I've never felt more confident about his safety in the water!" - @robinventures

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