Cooling Vest


Color:  Blue




Dip in cold water – wring dry – cool down! Cools and gives your dog a feeling of comfort on hot days. Protects the heart region and chest, vital for circulation. Ideal for walks, training sessions and dog shows. Double absorption capacity in comparison with terry cloth coats. Sizes XXS-S have attachment loops for leash.


  • Cools and gives a feeling of comfort

  • Ideal for training or shows

  • Excellent absorption capacity

  • XXS-S contain fastening for a leash

Expert Reviews

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 "Robin’s got plenty of fur but he’s bald on the belly, so the fastest way to cool him down is with maximum belly contact. Hurtta’s cooling vest is the only one that stays snug on his belly, and the vest style design eliminates extra bulk and weight."                      


 “We love our cooling vest! Turbo gets hot very often, even in cooler temperature! The vest works perfectly to keep his core cooler so he doesn’t overheat!”              


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This is Police K9 Mr. Warner in his cooling vest!   Warner's handler reports the vest has worked well on hot days cooling him off after training and is easy get on the dog. Very user friendly only having to wet it down quickly before putting it on. For cool down use during and after working, it's great!!
Shannon Byrnes CVT

"We used it a lot lately, during agility competitions (before and after our runs), search and rescue trainings and on some of our hikes. For my dogs the vests as well as the harness work great and we benefit a lot from it."



"This is the product we really needed, because we are training agility, skateboarding, doing tricks outside and we just love hiking. This will make everything easier for Bounty in these hot days."


- Facebook friends  Amadeja Lukančič & Bounty

"During our runs we’ve noticed most of the moisture migrates to the chest region, keeping his chest and heart area cool the whole run. This mesh like vest has an amazing absorbency ability and retains moisture for over an hour, even in 90+ degree weather."



Sizing Info

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