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Weekend Warrior Harness - Best Friends Edition

Weekends are meant for time with your best friend - your pet! This is why our newest version of our best-selling Weekend Warrior Harness comes with a drink holder. Your best friend will keep your beverage nice and cold until you're ready for a break.

The Weekend Warrior Harness - Best Friends Edition is ergonomically designed with a drink holder on just one side of the harness so that your pet isn't carrying too much weight. The drink holder is made with the latest cooling technology that will keep your beverage cool for up to 700 hours. In our smaller sizes, the harness will hold one 12oz (355ml) can but our bigger sizes have an optional extension to allow for two 12oz (355ml) cans.

Currently the Best Friends Edition is only available on our Weekend Warrior Eco harness.

Happy April 1st from the Hurtta North America team!


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