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We're excited to start a new tradition: a retailer spotlight to highlight our outstanding Hurtta Retailers in the US and Canada! Read on for a quick interview with this month's retailer!


Why we love this retailer: They carry the largest selection of Hurtta gear in Canada, so we're always confident sending Canadian customers their way! Just take a look at those gorgeously stocked shelves!

Location: Lethbridge and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (ships to anywhere in Canada)

Hurtta products carried: "You can find the full body suits, winter jackets, rain jackets, and the lightweight but effective summer coats like the sun and bug blocker. If you're a trainer, we carry the training vest and all accessories while also being stocked on leashes, collars and harnesses. For protection on those hikes and walks, we also carry the Hurtta boots."

Most popular Hurtta product: "Being from Canada, our most popular Hurtta product is the Extreme Warmer. Most popular Hurtta colors seem to be the purple and reds. The Lingon Extreme Warmer is always in demand."

Best Hurtta experience: "Our best Hurtta experience was seeing all the customer pictures when we first debuted the section, which inspired us to create a more effective seasonal section."

What makes Homes Alive Pets stand out? "Homes Alive Pets is different because we believe it's all about the customer. We educate our customers which helps them make the best buying decision. We care about your pet, and a lot of the conversation we want to have with our guest is about their pet. So many questions go into deciding which food, treat, supplement or even toy our pet gets. It's important we go into every interaction with a blank slate and have an open-ended discussion before making the ultimate buying decision.

We are a family owned and operated pet store, with emphasis on Canadian and quality pet products. We aim to be a place where people can come feel comfortable and ask questions without judgment. Our pet stores should be a place where pet owners can come meet other caring pet owners. Everyone has their own story, but they all have the same questions and desires for providing their pet with the best life."

Anything else new HAP customers should know? "Homes Alive Pets puts a huge emphasis on customer experience. We want to deliver a good experience with friendly, knowledgeable staff that can educate you to make the right choice when it comes to your own pet. While we want to educate, it's important the experience is relaxing and relatable."

Photo credits: @odd.dogsquad


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