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2021 Earth Day with Hurtta America

Happy Earth Day! Here at Hurtta we are committed to respecting and preserving the natural beauty of our planet for generations to come. Hurtta products do not contain environmentally harmful perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), and all of the fabrics we use are certified to be safe, non-toxic and compliant with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. In addition, our product packaging is made of recycled cardboard.

In our design and pattern work, we carefully use fabric surplus from our production, minimizing cutting waste and material waste when possible. We also try to utilize other textile industry surplus materials when it is feasible. We are constantly developing the Hurtta Green Edition collection with a goal of one day being able to offer fully recyclable products.

The Green Edition collection uses up to 100% recycled polyester made from plastic bottles. It is the result of our conscious effort to produce eco-friendly products and represents our commitment to dogs and the planet. We incorporate environmentally practices wherever possible, from utilizing recycled materials to helping reduce our dependence on landfills. These products are identified by the ECO mark.

We launched a few new Green Edition collection products this spring including all of the Razzle-Dazzle spring products. We’ve got three new leashes, two new harnesses and a new collar. All of these products are made with 100% recycled 2mm PU padding combined with a 70% recycled knit (70% recycled polyester, 20% polyester and 10% elastane). As well, the woven belt straps are 100% recycled polyester.

You may already be familiar with our Life Savior and we are excited to say that this spring we launched an ECO version. On the ECO version, in a gorgeous Coral Camo, the fabric is made from 100% recycled polyester. You can find all of our new spring 2021 products here.

Lastly, we are conscious that the life of a product has a direct impact on the environment. Our goal is to design products that are a joy to wear and durable enough to last for many adventures. The better we design our products, and the more we rely on environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes to make them, the better the chances of you loving the product and using it for a long time. As well, can each influence the life cycle of a Hurtta product, and most other products, by properly maintaining it, repairing wear and tear when possible, handing down the garment to other dogs when possible, and finally sorting the product properly at the end of its life. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out our Care Instructions, Repair Instructions and Recycling Instructions.

Want to see more of our ECO products? Click here to see our full line


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