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We have been beyond impressed with the life jackets and active harness. I can't get over the quality and durability. Yuri and Kina are big strong active dogs and all of their gear looks just as good as the day we pulled it out the box.

                                 Jillian Bejtlich Terry,




Our business is based on knowing what pets need, and wanting to provide them with ever better products. We also want to make the everyday lives of dog owners easier, by offering safe, high-quality products that are easy to identify and that meet exactly the right needs. We believe that dogs make us better people.


Our Products

When we design Hurtta products, we take into account the build and movement patterns of different dog breeds, when the dogs run and play. Our objective is to come up with products that are ergonomic, functional and match the needs of the dogs. Houndtex, our proprietary high performance fabric, is wear resistant, breathable, water and wind resistant. The seams are taped, which guarantees impermeability.


How we began​

In the beginning the product range of Puijon Nahkatuote Ay, established in 1973 in Kuopio, Finland, consisted of leather collars and leashes for hunting dogs. During four decades the company has grown, its product range diversified and its business become international. The cornerstones of our operations, however, have not changed since the early days: our business is still based on innovative product development, high quality products and love for dogs.


​What we aim for​

We are an expert, highly motivated team with a continuing thirst for knowledge. We want to know pets and pet owners better every day, and to be an attractive, reliable partner for customers and suppliers. Our aim is to develop the pet product market and lead the way in product development in the industry. We value sustainable development, and all our operations are based on respect for both people and animals.

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