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The surface material is made of 100% recycled polyester.

The Hurtta Green Edition line is the result of our conscious effort to produce eco-friendly products that help reduce plastic waste and minimize the negative effects of global warming. It’s all about respecting and preserving the natural beauty of our planet for generations to come.

Weekend Warrior Harness

The Weekend Warrior Harness is an easy to put on all-purpose harness perfectly designed for active dogs.

When using the harness, the pressure caused by pulling is evenly distributed on the dog's chest. The harness can be adjusted around the neck and chest, which makes this over engineered harness fit perfectly. The fit and functionality of the product was tested on more than 200 dogs during the product development phase.The buckles on the chest strap make it easy to put the harness on the dog, as you do not have to lift its front legs.

The breathable mesh in the lining does not chafe or make the dog too hot so it is comfortable in any weather or situation. The fabrics are safe and contain no harmful substances in accordance with the Oko-Tex standard.

The back of the Weekend Warrior Harness has a durable and secure handle that makes it easy to control your dog. The durability of the critical points on the harness is ensured by special stitching and has been tested with tensile tests that comply with the SFS-EN ISO 13934-1 standard.

3M reflector prints and 3M reflector piping improve your dog's visibility in the dark.


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"The Weekend Warrior Harness is truly designed for all adventures! They are soft enough to prevent chafing, but durable enough to withstand nature’s elements. Both dogs have put them through mud, snow, and rain without any sign of wear. When the dogs see their Hurtta harnesses come out, they know we’re about to go on another fun adventure!"



"The weekend warrior harness has become my new favorite harness! So lightweight and soft, it has caused no troubles with Rya! Usually Rya gets irritation from harnesses but nope, not this one!"



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"The weekend warrior harness lives up to its name! Durable, easy to put on and adjust and super stylish - it is perfect for our hikes, van camping, backpacking trips and beach romps!"



"The fit and handle make it perfect for both busy trails and challenging backcountry adventures. The design of the Weekend Warrior ensures my dogs are never limited by restricted range of motion and are free to run, jump, climb, and play!"




"The Weekend Warrior lives up to its name with the simple and breathable design ! I love using it for day hikes and weekend backpacking trips because I know Cooper will be comfortable from the first mile to the last."                           


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