Hurtta Active Harness for dogs

Active Harness/Active Dazzle

Color:  Raven, Cherry, Juniper

Dazzle Color:  Hi-Viz Yellow, Hi-Viz Orange, Sand


Size: 16"- 47″


Sturdy, padded harness for dogs on the move. Easy to dress, comfortable to wear.The adjustable collar and chest strap ensure a comfortable fit. Efficient 3M reflectors improve visibility in the dark. The back is equipped with a handle for better control of your dog in difficult surroundings. The product can also be used as a safety harness in the car.

The Hurtta Active Harness has earned the Animal Wellness Magazine stamp of approval indicating high quality and dog health advantages. 

Kiwi                               Lupine


Product Reviews

Our active dog needs a serious harness, this one fits well and has worked perfectly.  Rudder is not able to outsmart or destroy this harness, unlike the other 4 or 5 that we got.

Honestly, I think the Hurtta harness is the only way we can manage his energy " -  Tom McKenna, PA hurtta active harness

 "An awesome, versatile harness. The harness is padded for comfort and is easily adjustable.The handle is really helpful for keeping your dog close to you on more narrow trails and it's also useful if you need to help lift your dog up. You can also use this handle to feed a seat belt through in the car.  It's a great, light-weight but sturdy piece of equipment." -  Lauren Miller


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"Hurtta's Active Harness had an unusually great fit. We had sadly become accustom to our dogs running around with their harnesses totally lopsided, but Hurtta doesn’t have that problem. These harnesses stay put, don’t get swallowed up by Yuri and Kina’s thick fur, and have a nice open design that keep Yuri and Kina cool.We were also pleased to see that the design is unbelievably durable." - Jillian Bejtlich                                                                 


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"I think, as an easy-on harness with a handle, that it fills an empty niche in the dog gear market. "- Katherine

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