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Trail Pack

Color:  Raven

Size: S, M

Versatile dog backpack for hiking, trekking and travelling with your dog.Adjustable belt, collar and chest strap ensure comfortable fit and prevent the backpack from shifting when your dog moves. The separate harness can be used for walks and as a safety harness when in the car. The handle at the back gives you more control over your dog in difficult places. Efficient 3M reflectors improve visibility in the dark.The carrying capacity of a dog is highly individual and depends on its size and body structure as well as physical fitness. However, the load must never exceed 20% of the dog’s own weight. Be sure to balance the weight of the load evenly between both bags.


Expert reviews

"Unlike other backpacks on the market, Hurtta Trail Pack has the European sleek design yet the pockets are still spacious to be functional. I like that it doesn’t overpower Xena."


                                          HIKING GIRL WITH DOG

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