The revamping of our collection brought several progressive changes to our smooth reflective leads. Developments in ribbon thickness allowed the use of a simpler leash structure with improved durability and aesthetics. Leash design and colors also underwent several refreshing changes. Available in several strengths and lengths, the reflective leads now cater to the needs of all dog breeds from small to large. Several leash models are available for various purposes, including training, elastic and basic leashes.


    • Adjustable length in two sizes: 60-90cm and 105-180cm
    • The flexi section decreases stress when your dog suddenly pulls on the leash
    • The ergonomic handle leaves your hand free
    • Ideal for dog owners with limited mobility



  • 3/4 in Width for dogs up to 50 lbs


    1-1/4 in Width for dogs up to 75 lbs

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