Free Hand Leash


Colors: Cherry, Juniper


Classic Colors: Granite, Raspberry, Birch


Size: 3-5 ft, 3/4" wide - 3-5 ft, 1 1/4" wide

Also size 2-3 ft ,3/4 " in Cherry and Juniper ONLY


The revamping of our collection brought several progressive changes to our smooth reflective leads. Developments in ribbon thickness allowed the use of a simpler leash structure with improved durability and aesthetics. Leash design and colors also underwent several refreshing changes. Available in several strengths and lengths, the reflective leads now cater to the needs of all dog breeds from small to large.



The most interesting newcomer to the product group is the Free hand leash with a padded handgrip, adjustable in length depending on dog size. Especially designed for running and Nordic walking, the leash is also easy to use when pushing a pram.



"The Free Hand Leash has a padded handgrip that fits over your thumb and love how comfortable it is especially when either Husky sees a squirrel or deer! It easily holds up to that kind of hard pull!" -@2husketeers

Hurtta free hand leash

"Well Hurtta proved me wrong and it really decreased the stress when Goose suddenly wants to pull on the leash after a squirrel."

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