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Drizzle Coat


Color:  Raven, Currant

Size: 10 - 35"


The Drizzle raincoat is an essential outfit for every dog in rainy, windy or muddy weather.

The Drizzle coat is also excellent in cooler temperatures due to the warming foil patterning in its lining. The aluminum in the foil print reflects the dog’s own body heat, thus stimulating blood circulation and warming the dog. Thanks to its muscle-warming properties, Drizzle is also ideal for dogs engaged in active sports for warming up and maintaining their well-being before and after performance.

The Drizzle Coats collar seams are vertical, allowing them to be taped so that it is fully waterproof. In addition to the collar there is an additional waterproof rain trap made of tricot around the edge of the collar, preventing water from going inside the coat along the dog’s neck. The comfortably soft rain trap can be tightened up around the dog’s neck to protect the chest and neck area. The large reflective prints on the coat’s rear hem and the 3M reflector piping on the back improve safety and visibility in the dark.

The specific sizing of the Drizzle coat guarantees a good fit for most breeds. The wide belly flap not only keeps the coat in place, ensuring that it stays on without restricting the dog’s movement, it also protects the dogs belly from mud and sand. The Drizzle Coat is made of an elastic and silent fabric, so it is comfortable to use and easy to put on.

  • Waterproof fabric with taped seams

  • High collar with protective rain trap to stop the dogs neck from getting wet

  • Highly visible 3M reflectors

  • Adjustable back length, waist and collar

  • Reflective foil lining that reflects you dogs own body heat which also makes this coat great in cooler temperatures

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